Jack Kwait-Blank
Jack Kwait-Blank, owner/engineer

Hi there.

My name is Jack and I run this place.

I like to record music that makes the artist and the audience happy. I've written songs in bands for over a decade, performed more than one- hundred rock shows, recorded in some of the best studios with the best producers, and have experience in band and brand management.

It's like jamming in your friend's basement.

MonkeyCat Studios is a place that was made so people who want to make a really cool song have a chance--without the pressures or expense of a big studio. There's no imposing glass bowl control room. No fancy sounding mics or walls of rack gear with superfluous knobs. We just have what you need to make beautiful music.

Having provided guitar lessons for years and receiving years of vocal coaching, I can not only capture a great performance, but also assist you in improving your skills for the recording. Or I can even perform parts for you (your choice). If you have a vision, we'll figure it out together!

We'll help you sing and perform even if you don't think you know how.

We don't charge by the hour and I'm not just a ProTools jockey for you. I'll do more than just hit Apple + Spacebar. You get my 100% interest in producing the song to your vision and to meet the desired goal. We're not finished until the track is awesome.

We'll help you make a really cool song to impress your girlfriend. We'll help you create a sweet parody that will amuse your friends. We'll help you record a demo to use for a band or show audition.

I look forward to meeting you and making musical magic.